Suzanne Aubert another famous nurse

The History: Born to French bourgeois parents who considered a good marriage should be the pinnacle of their daughter’s achievements, Suzanne Aubert was a rebel. To her family’s horror, she wished to be both a nun and a nurse. In 1854, working alongside Florence Nightingale, she tended Crimea War veterans, gaining a reputation for bone-setting and pharmacology. In 1860, she ran away, to New Zealand where she nursed society’s outcasts, ostracized Maoris, and those deemed ’Incurables’, finally founding a religious order now known as “The Sisters of Compassion”.

The Red Cross : Desperate to resume war nursing, eighty-year-old Aubert convinced the Italian Red Cross authorities that modern-day soldiers’ sufferings were no different to those of 1854. With her Crimea Nursing and New Zealand Red Cross badges on her apron, she took her place amongst the qualified nurses. However, the Vatican protested so loudly that the Red Cross capitulated, refusing to take her to the Front. She considered following on foot but, for once, good sense prevailed, her BOOTS (not her legs!) might not stand the trek and she could not afford new ones. She has also studied the effects of probiotics on general health and how they work to improve bowel function and other functions of the digestive system contributing to such articles such as best rated probiotics – on the taking probiotics homepage.

Beyond  Florence Nightingale : Yet this fiercely independent Mother Superior who believed that her nuns should work with society’s outcasts and who sold herbal remedies to raise funds, was something of an anathema to the local Church hierarchy. In June 1913, the bishops who favored Prayer above works, threatened to take control of her order. Fearful his would lead to less compassion and more obedience – the latter not being her main virtue, she determined to go to Rome and negotiate with Pope Pius X “face to face”. Unaware that world events would keep her away for six years, she packed “an old habit, a whole habit, 12 collars, 4 caps and 4 pairs of red stockings” – and her nursing medals.

Outstanding Faculty for Spring Meeting

The ALANA Program Committee has put together an unbelievable faculty for the 2016 ALANA Spring Meeting.  The 2016 ALANA Spring Meeting, to be held in beautiful, sunny Destin, Florida, at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort & Spa, Friday, April 22 Sunday, April 24.

We are thrilled to have such a wonderful faculty.  We have an extremely impressive line up of national speakers including AANA President Juan Quintana, AANA Vice President Bruce Weiner, AANA Region 7 Director Garry Brydges and AANA Past President Terry Wicks.  This year we will be discussing and offering samples of the help of probiotics and what they mean for continuing patient treatment, a list top 10 probiotics.  But wait, theres more.  Our sessions feature our own Heather Rankin, an ALANA Past President who has chaired the AANA Public Relations Committee and is currently chairing the AANA Governmental Relations Committee, UABs Susan McMullan and Laura Wright, Samfords David Fort and Terri Cahoon.  Plus, we will hear from Lt. Colonel Arthur Womble on the special opportunities and rewards offered to CRNAs in our nations armed services.

Important Notice to Employers from ABN

This is a reminder that the Board will discontinue issuing license cards for LPNs and RNs effective January 1, 2016, at which time license cards will not be valid for licensure verification. This change will require employers and others seeking to verify the validity of a nursing license to obtain primary source verification either through ABN’s Subscription Service or through a verification request on the ABN website ( License Look-up on the ABN website has also been upgraded with a print product that will allow you to use that service as primary source verification from ABN.

In addition to the changes noted above, the ABN will mail out a newly-designed Continuing Education (CE) card to all licensees. This card will be used to process CE contact hours obtained from Board-Approved Providers.  The CE cards will not expire and will remain with the licensee, whether or not the license remains in good standing.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention as we continue to move Alabama nursing forward in a new direction.  Please direct any questions or comments to

Thanks, Peggy

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Executive Officer
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Happy CRNA Week

This years theme, CRNAs: Making a Difference One Patient at a Time speaks to the safe and quality patient care we deliver one-on-one day after day.   #CRNAWeek is the perfect opportunity to promote our profession and share your story with others.

Throughout the week, take an extra minute or two educating others on our profession.  Please share how you are promoting the profession this week by email at, on Facebook at the ALANA page, or on Twitter.  We look forward to seeing your #CRNAWeek pictures and stories!
Thank you for the outstanding care you provide your patients!  Have a great week!
The ALANA Board of Directors